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Detailed technical characteristics of side labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-30
With the advancement of the times and the rapid development of technology, the current domestic labeling machine industry is mostly round bottles, flat bottles, and flat stickers. However, in China, there is usually no good solution for the corner labels on the sides, especially for bottles that contain 5 liters of cooking oil. Bogao logo labeling machine solves this problem by installing a double-sided and double-sided leveling device system for the labeling machine. The label is positioned accurately, sticks firmly, and has no air bubbles. At present, many edible oil manufacturers use this type of labeling machine. Uses: It is mainly suitable for fast and automatic labeling of square and round bottle-shaped materials in the food, grain and oil industries. The edible oil label is compatible with the production line. It has the advantages of good versatility, high stability and long service life. The equipment features of the side labeling machine: 1. The unique delivery mechanism of the side labeling machine ensures reliable and effective delivery when used online on the production line; 2. This equipment can be used alone or in combination with the production line. 3. The unique corner labeling mechanism ensures smooth and wrinkle-free labeling on the three sides of the side corners; 4. The side labeling machine has a wide range of uses: it can not only label on the side (flat) single side, but also label the corners. Realize the function of single-sided and double-sided labeling of circular bottle circumferential positioning; 5. According to the higher requirements of users for labeling speed and accuracy, different types of labeling machines can be selected. Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers can provide tailor-made design solutions; 6. The present invention has a good man-machine interface, and the quality is stable and reliable. It quickly developed the market share of the oil packaging linkage production line. The entire linkage system includes bottle sorters, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, inkjet printers, packaging machines and sealing machines.
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