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Detailed steps of non-standard custom labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-05
Now all walks of life are developing very rapidly, and flat labeling machines are used more and more widely in people’s lives, because no matter what kind of goods, they need to be labeled when they are sold. Different types of labeling machines are different. In order to meet people’s needs, many companies have chosen non-standard custom labeling machines. This requires people to know the general process of customization to make the customized plane The labeling machine can better meet the needs of customers. Custom-made labeling equipment: It refers to the business of the labeling manufacturer to complete the function addition of the equipment and the assembly of the corresponding parts on the basis of the standard model according to the user's product requirements. Next, the staff of the labeling machine manufacturer will come to tell you about the steps of flat labeling machine customization, hoping to help everyone! How does the manufacturer complete the customization of the flat labeling machine? 1. First, the sales engineer will ask the user for the labeling product specifications, product shape, and some specific requirements. The more comprehensive the information provided, the quicker you can find the type of equipment you need. 2. After understanding the user's purchase criteria, the sales engineer will provide the standard model parameters of the equipment for the user's reference to see which aspects need to be changed. 3. Provide similar successful cases for users' reference, introduce the range of functions that the equipment can achieve, formulate specific operation plans, and equipment quotations. After the user agrees to order the equipment, the contract will be revised to specify the delivery period, follow-up situation, and the scope of service for trial and inspection, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the contract.
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