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Detailed introduction to the operation methods of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-30
With the continuous development trend of high-tech technology, many manufacturing industries nowadays apply glue-brushing automatic labeling machines. Everyone knows that good products must be packaged with good labels. Naturally, good labels must use good machines. Equipment automatic labeling machine to carry out labeling, so how do you use the automatic labeling machine machinery and equipment to label well? The following city Bogao labeling machine manufacturers network editors to introduce to everyone. In the packaging design and labeling manufacturing industry, there are various products that must be labeled, and the labels of different materials can be used in the automatic labeling machine. Generally, there are two kinds of stickers, self-adhesive label film logo, which belong to everyone's category, most of the products are suitable, and there is no very prominent flash point. If the customer must label high-end products, it is recommended to use the method of brushing and labeling. The automatic glue-brushing labeling machine is developed and manufactured by Bogao, a professional packaging assembly line manufacturer. Brush glue automatic labeling machine machine equipment is an 'other name' for the paste labeling machine. It adopts the method of batter and brushing glue to label, and the label has a flocculent pattern, flattening without wrinkles, no expansion and contraction, and high quality. The main parameters and characteristics of the actual machine and equipment are as follows; The machine and equipment of the automatic glue-brushing labeling machine are controlled by a servo control system, and the labeling rate can be 100 pieces per minute. The key is to carry out the labeling of round bottles, flat bottles, and special-shaped bottles in the beverage manufacturing industry, as well as the labeling of products in the food and medical industries. The labeling precision is guaranteed to be in the range of 1 mm. The benefit of applying the automatic glue-brushing labeling machine depends on; although the early capital investment is large, the labeling quality has a qualitative leap. The machine and equipment can automatically complete paper separation, paper feeding, glue dispensing, labeling, and labeling. And so on, the identification and labeling are accurate. It is a manual service labeling, and automatic labeling cannot be guaranteed. After a period of time, the advantages of machinery and equipment have become more and more obvious. Obviously endanger the output of labor cost and economic cost. Many readers and customers have seen this and want to learn how to operate and apply the machine and equipment of the automatic labeling machine. In fact, the gluing machine is easy to operate and can be used in a stand-alone version or connected to a production line. Above is the detailed introduction of Bogao logo automation technology labeling machine manufacturers on the operation methods of brushing automatic labeling machine. If you want to master a lot of detailed information, you are warmly welcome to consult this website.
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