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Detailed explanation of the principle and routine maintenance of vertical labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-29
Nowadays, the application range of vertical labeling machine is very wide. Products that need to be labeled on the market cannot be separated from the vertical labeling machine. It can be said that the vertical labeling machine is already an indispensable machine for the production of enterprises. Get up and understand what the working principle of the vertical labeling machine is and some tips for maintaining the vertical labeling machine. The vertical labeling machine mentioned here is mainly for the automatic vertical round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine, as detailed below. The working principle of the vertical labeling machine The beginning of the working process of the vertical labeling machine is that the box is fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The fixing device on the vertical labeling machine separates the boxes by a fixed distance and pushes the boxes to move along the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine includes a driving wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. The driving wheel drags the label tape movement intermittently, the label tape is pulled out from the reel, and the labeling wheel will press the label tape on the box after passing through the labeling wheel. The vertical labeling machine uses an open-loop displacement control on the reel to maintain the tension of the label tape. Because the labels are closely connected to each other on the label tape, the label tape must be constantly started and stopped. The label is attached to the box when the labeling wheel moves at the same speed as the box. When the conveyor belt reaches a certain position, the label belt drive wheel will accelerate to a speed that matches the conveyor belt, and after the label is attached, it will decelerate to a stop. Since the label belt may slide, there is a registration mark on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly. The registration mark is read by a sensor. During the deceleration phase of the label tape, the drive wheel will reposition to correct any position errors on the label tape. Maintenance tips for vertical labeling machines. Many companies now use labeling machines in order to improve their production efficiency. We often see them. Manufacturers choose modern vertical labeling machines to label their products. However, many manufacturers are not familiar with machinery and have learned to operate the labeling machine, but they often neglect the daily maintenance of the labeling machine. In fact, there are small tricks in the middle. Let’s take a look below: Use of the vertical labeling machine The readers shared some tips for the maintenance of professional vertical labeling machine, so that the vertical labeling machine can perform better and extend the service life. First of all, the maintenance of the vertical labeling machine must be clean. The vertical labeling machine is easy to suck in the dust during the operation, so the dust on the labeling machine must be cleaned regularly. When the vertical labeling machine is temporarily unused, it should be unplugged and covered with a dust-proof cloth to prevent dust from falling on the labeling machine. In addition, the high temperature belt of the labeling machine must be regularly decontaminated, so as to better ensure the high-quality operation of the labeling machine. Secondly, do not forget to apply some lubricating oil in the maintenance of the labeling machine. A certain amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the labeling machine after a long period of operation. Many parts of the vertical labeling machine, such as gears, bearings and gearboxes, are prone to rust and wear after being used for a period of time. The lubricating oil can ensure the smoothness of all parts of the labeling machine. The staff pointed out that the labeling machine should be lubricated after working continuously for more than 48 hours. The vertical labeling machine should be regularly maintained after a certain period of operation. On the one hand, it can ensure that the labeling machine operates well, and at the same time it can extend the life of the labeling machine. When designing the equipment, we need to pay attention to many details. First, the location of the labeling machine. Generally, when we place the labeling machine, it must be placed on the left front part of the labeling machine. This can reduce equipment noise during operation. Especially the cutter head of the labeling machine also needs to replace the blade in time. Now the labeling machine is developing towards a more convenient and stable part. The above is the working principle of the vertical labeling machine and some tips for maintaining the vertical labeling machine. Mastering certain small skills can greatly increase the service life of the vertical labeling machine and avoid unnecessary consumption. Manpower and material resources.
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