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Daily maintenance operation content of paste labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-28
The paste labeling machine must be checked every day before, during and after the equipment is used. If there is an abnormal response to the technicians doing maintenance during maintenance, the following is the content of daily maintenance:      1. After daily machine operation, first disconnect the power supply and wipe the surface of the machine, workbench and other parts.    2. The equipment needs to ensure that the matching power supply voltage is used before it can be put into production normally.     3. Punctually check the tightness of all bolt connections, and tighten them in time if any looseness is found.     4. Check the chain and other operating parts, if there are any defects, they should be cleaned in time. And make up for smooth oil on time, and add drops of oil or butter on the meshing surface of each gear on time to make it smooth.     5. There should be no misalignment in the operating conditions of the positioning and testing equipment. If necessary, adjust from the beginning.     6. Check whether the gas paths and joints are loose or dropped.     7. Check whether the belts are slipping.
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