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Briefly introduce the types and classifications of labeling machines-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-23
There are various types in our common product labeling types and labeling machines. Generally, there can be countless types for different industries, product types, product shapes, and so on. Here, Bogao Logo will briefly introduce some types of labeling machines. 1. First of all, we can classify according to the labeling labels, which can be roughly divided into the following three types: Hot melt adhesive labeling machine: Hot melt adhesive labeling machine generally uses plastic labels as the labeling material. You can refer to mineral water bottles. Adhesive is used for the coincidence points of the labeling, and there is no glue at other positions. For products of this type, rotary labeling machines are generally used, and there are many products that are fast and applicable. The price is not cheap. Self-adhesive labeling machine: Self-adhesive labeling machine is the most mainstream labeling machine on the market. To what extent is the mainstream self-adhesive label used for packaging at hand, basically all industries can apply this kind of label Material labeling machine. Paste labeling machine: The pasting labeling machine is relatively special. It uses paper label material, pastes on the label through the paste process, and then applies the label. Commonly there are some chili sauce bottles and soy sauce bottles. , Cooking wine bottles and so on. Second, it can also be classified according to the shape of the labeling machine: Linear labeling machine: As the name suggests, the linear labeling machine passes through a conveyor belt for all feeding and labeling. This type of equipment is also the most on the market. With its simple operation and excellent price advantage, it has won the favor of the majority of manufacturers. Rotary labeling machine: Most of the rotary labeling machines are suitable for fast labeling of round bottles, and are generally suitable for daily chemical and food, beverage and alcohol industries. They mostly use non-sticky labels. Semi-automatic labeling machine: The positioning of the semi-automatic labeling machine is very accurate, because the semi-automatic labeling machine itself is used for simple labeling work by enterprises with low output. Labeling is done by simple buttons at a fixed station. 3. Different label content requires different labeling machines. The labeling machines we generally use have fixed content, and this does not need to be explained too much. When designing variables, we need to use real-time printing and labeling machines. Now the express delivery industry and the e-commerce industry are mostly used. Generally, the codes of some products we see are different for each product. They are usually codes established by manufacturers for anti-counterfeiting and traceability. This type of label is generally equipped with additional coding on the basis of the labeling machine. Printer or inkjet printer to meet different needs. 4. Different product shapes will also use different labeling machines. Flat labeling machine: The flat labeling machine is used to label products with flat surfaces, such as paper boxes, cartons, and square packaging boxes. Side labeling machine: The side labeling machine is generally suitable for single/double side labeling of various round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles. Round bottle labeling machine: The round bottle labeling machine also said a lot. According to different label materials, there will be relatively different types. Its advantage is that it is fast, but the relative price is higher. It is suitable for the labeling of various circular or semicircular products, and the labeling of various wine bottles, cans and other round bottles. 5. Different label labeling forms, of course, will also have different types of labeling machines. Multi-sided side labeling machines: Multi-sided side labeling machines are generally suitable for the needs of multi-sided multi-label labeling of products, and are generally suitable for the front and both sides of the directional product. Demand for multi-sided labeling. Corner labeling machine: The corner labeling machine is mainly used for the anti-counterfeiting, anti-disassembly and other sealing functions of the product packaging. It is generally at the corner of the product packaging, which is right-angled. Top surface labeling machine: The top surface labeling machine generally uses smaller caliber products for labeling, such as lipstick, lipstick, nail polish and other types of products. There are many different types of labeling machines not mentioned here, because there are indeed too many. However, the common types of labeling machines on the market have been explained here. I hope that I can help you here. The address of each different type of labeling machine has been linked to the corresponding location, so that you can check it out. More For information, please contact Bogao logo online customer service, we will provide you with service wholeheartedly.
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