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Briefly explain the application performance characteristics of double-sided labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-23
At present, with the development of the economy, labeling is more beautiful, because the label not only carries the basic information of the product, such as the date of production, shelf life, manufacturer, etc., but also sets off the product to make the product more beautiful. In addition, the label should also have The role of anti-counterfeiting. Therefore, people's requirements for labeling machines are getting higher and higher, and the requirements are also multifaceted. For example, labeling machines need to meet their own personality, meet their own needs, and so on. Compared with the traditional labeling equipment, the double-sided labeling machine has a wider application range and stronger professionalism. Of course, the effect is higher. With the continuous improvement of technology, it can be widely used in food, toys, and daily use. In the chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, hardware, plastic, printing and other industries, the principle is that the sensor detects the product passing, sends the signal back to the label control system, controls the motor to send the label and attaches it to the control system to be attached to the appropriate position The position of the product, the product flows through the marking device, the label is attached to the product, and the label attachment action is completed. Bogao logo double-sided labeling machine adopts standard PLC + touch screen + standard sensor electric control system control, man-machine interactive interface with full Chinese annotations and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function; easy to use, simple to maintain, with fault alarm function, production Counting function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, non-standard alarm, and complete equipment supporting information provide sufficient guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, the performance of the labeling machine is also worthy of our attention: 1. The labeling is flat, wrinkle-free, and bubble-free, with good labeling accuracy, high efficiency, and good stability; 2. Powerful, one machine Labeling of 4 kinds of products (square bottle, round bottle, flat bottle, special-shaped bottle) can be realized; 3. The main material is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, the overall structure is firm and beautiful; 4. For flat bottle, square bottle, curved surface The bottle adopts a double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain to automatically ensure the neutrality of the bottle. There are only simple requirements for the worker to put the bottle and the assembly line to connect the bottle, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the worker's work or the assembly line. 5. Use a flexible topping mechanism and Guide mechanism, mechanical adjustment part structured combination and clever design of label winding, 6 degrees of freedom fine adjustment of labeling position is convenient, making the conversion adjustment and label winding between different products simple and time-saving.
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