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Brief introduction of wine bottle labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-17
A brand that forms wrinkles, a labeling machine that consciously produces such wrinkles—a phenomenon that most beverage manufacturers try to avoid, but it is the basic requirement of a certain winery. Just look at the shape of the bottle to find the answer. This liqueur bottle is round and its design is inspired by chocolate balls. And this trademark is paper covered with aluminum foil, which is attached to the entire surface of the bottle-it looks like a hand-labeled label. Prior to this, a certain winery had been using a labeling machine provided by a special equipment manufacturer and had been in use for 30 years. The head of the business, Bogao Logo, has continuously improved and personalised it through a large number of independent improvements. However, its production capacity has reached its limit, so-and-so winery began to look for partners to jointly develop a new machine. Combining a large number of special Ru0026D projects. As we all know, Bogao logo originated from labeling machine technology, so they accepted the challenge-integrating years of practical experience and vision of foreign countries and their teams into the professional knowledge of Bogao logo labeling experts. The effect is very significant: Bogao logo integrates precise bottle positioning devices, multiple sets of detection systems and a large number of technological innovations to transform the requirements of a certain winery into production practice. For the labeling process, for the first time, the Bogao logo adopted a combination of a cold glue labeling station and a Contiroll ring body labeling station. In addition, the self-adhesive body label was pasted on an inclined surface. In order to fix the aluminum foil, a patented combination was developed. A servo motor rotates the bottle, and a linear motor uses a sponge to carefully press the aluminum foil on the bottle through 12 pressing actions. In order to place the bottle cap correctly, Bogao Logo has developed a guardrail that uses the trademark slope as a positioning point during the bottle conveying process. In this regard, only a few manual operations can complete the adjustment of the guardrail, from 50 ml small bottles to 1 liter large bottles, all six specifications are handled by the same system. The new equipment can currently process about 5,000 bottles per hour, and some options can be added in the future to increase the equipment's capacity to 9,000 bottles per hour. This set of equipment embodies two opposing aspects: fully automatic operation, in line with the current technical level, but the winery continues to show its image of its handcrafted workshop.
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