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Brief analysis of the vulnerable parts of the labeling machine and maintenance methods-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-19
Labeling equipment, like other mechanical equipment, has its own service life. In addition to the quality of the service life, the greater impact factor is whether the user knows how to use and maintain the equipment. Today we are going to talk to you about the vulnerable parts of the labeling machine and the maintenance methods! There are three easy-to-damage and failure locations. The hardware is the conveyor belt and the labeling axis, and the software is the system parameter. 1. Reasons for the damage of the conveyor belt 1. The manufacturer did not perform the plane labeling of the overloaded product according to the weight limit parameter range provided by the supplier, which caused the conveyor gear to be damaged. 2. The use environment is humid, which causes the conveying gear to rust, and the conveying and labeling are not smooth. 3. During the labeling process, there are falling materials or debris falling onto the conveyor belt without cleaning and picking up, resulting in jamming or entanglement of the conveyor belt; Maintenance method: in a suitable operating environment and within a reasonable weight limit, daily attention to detail maintenance is This type of failure can be avoided. 2. Reasons for damage to the rotating shaft of the labeling The equipment has been working for a long time, which causes the temperature in the shaft to rise and the coefficient of friction to increase. There are missing bids, no bids, and multiple bids. The maintenance method should add lubricating oil to the shaft parts within the specified period and time period to make them work normally. 3. Reasons for damage to equipment system parameters. In the equipment system parameters, due to the unstable system of the optional labeling machine and the improper use of the later operators, the system will be garbled, the command characters will be wrong, and the system will not be able to work. Will bring a series of production line problems. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional labeling machine manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer of automatic high-speed labeling machines, it produces various types of high-quality automatic labeling machine products, which have been widely used in various industries in the national economy such as medicine, food, electronics, daily use, and chemical industries. In order to obtain good market feedback and recognition from the majority of corporate customers. The continuous research and innovation of Bogao's automatic labeling machine technology has brought considerable cost savings and strict quality control standards to the product packaging production lines of the majority of corporate customers, making your products more prominent in the fierce market competition The price and quality advantage as a guarantee!
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