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Brief analysis of real-time printing labeling machine buffer labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-21
The real-time printing labeling machine and the buffer printing labeling machine belong to the printing labeling machine. The same is that they both print the content on the blank label or the public version label, and then paste the printed label on the product. When you need to print and label, how to choose a printing labeling machine, real-time printing or buffer printing, this needs to be distinguished according to the needs of printing and labeling: Real-time printing labeling machine: its printing content data is real-time, it prints The label must be affixed to the corresponding product, otherwise errors will occur. The most intuitive example is: Weighing and printing labeling machine, the label of the product weighing 2Kg must be affixed to the 2Kg product; the box is the product with barcode 123, outside The barcode of the product label of the box must be 123. The printed label and the product being affixed are one-to-one. The data of the printed content can come from systems such as weighing scales, code scanning guns, and ERP. Need to edit and design software according to the data system for docking. Real-time printing and labeling machines mostly adopt the method of sucking and sticking, and the speed is 1-30p/min. Cache printing labeling machine: The biggest difference from real-time printing is that the labels of the same batch of products are the same and can be applied to any product of the same batch. The content of the label comes directly from the label editing software. After editing the label, you can directly press print. Of course, it also needs software to support it. However, this software is a common ready-made software with low cost. It can be rolled and pasted at a speed of 1-60 per minute. It is used more in the fields of baking and fast food. In terms of cost, real-time printing is much higher than cache printing, and real-time printing is worth tens of thousands of a single print engine. If you need a deeper understanding of the printing and labeling machine system, you can call for consultation at any time.
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