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Brief analysis of Bogao label labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-22
Friends, let’s talk about the labeling machine today. Before starting a comprehensive comparison, let's discuss the problem of label paper loss. Many people have reacted, saying that the label paper of the Bogao logo labeling machine will have a small extra cut out in the blank at the beginning, which is very wasteful. In fact, you will find if you compare it carefully. Normally, there is a lot of white space on both sides. So overall, the waste of Bogao logo is not serious, especially in the case of continuous labeling, the white space on both sides is actually less than the others, so its loss is lower in the case of continuous labeling. of. Make a price description in advance. In the comprehensive comparison of the prices of the machines and consumables involved, I have selected the daily prices of these products in a certain store on a certain treasure, which is relatively objective. Bogao logos are all selected original label paper, so the price will be a bit cheaper. Other consumables, as I mentioned in the previous two articles, because the structure is simple and easy to imitate, it has chips on the label carton. The cost is a little bit higher and it is not easy to be imitated. There is no original consumables. Everyone knows that, in fact, most of the labeling machines on the market are very cheap in terms of the price of the machine itself, and manufacturers mainly rely on consumables to make money. Therefore, if you can buy non-original consumables of similar quality, the price/performance ratio will be much higher. I can finally start to say that the star ratings of today's main content are my personal feelings, and welcome your different opinions. Because I am a hard-dimensional engineer, I often use a label labeling machine in my work. The first label labeling machine in my life is the Bogao logo. After many years of use, I found that it is indeed The best ~ But work and personal habits made me use the label labeling machine to decorate with cartoon small patterns on it for the first time, and I never clicked on the so-called 'pattern labeling material library' again~ Therefore, I score the pattern material library according to the official introduction. However, I have used a lot of template-type materials on the APP of the Bogao logo, and they have advantages. It is too troublesome to talk about, so I won't talk about it here. Those who are interested can still study it slowly. Okay, it's almost the end of the 'dramaWhen I have time in the future, I will find a chance to change the angle and talk again. Hope my humble opinion can help you all. As a straight girl in engineering since elementary school, I can only write the article like this, and I look at the problem from a very biased perspective. If there are any errors or shortcomings in the article, I welcome your criticism and corrections. Thank you.
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