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Brief analysis of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-19
A labeling machine is a machine that puts labels on packages. Although the label is inconspicuous, it can be said to be the 'ID card' of the product. It records the product's trademark, production date, origin, main parameters and other relevant information. It can be said to be the first business card for people to recognize the product, and it is indispensable for modern packaging. Part of it. As the main product of our factory, the baler has always been equipped with an automatic labeling machine for automatic labeling on cotton bales. At the beginning, the domestically-made labeling machine was immature, and the imported brand was provided to the user, which was expensive, accounting for almost one-tenth of the cost of the baler. In recent years, with the development of domestic labeling machines, the price has dropped. However, due to the few manufacturers of professional non-standard labeling machines, the price has remained high. In order to reduce costs, the company has independently developed automatic labeling machines. The automatic labeling machine developed by our company has the following characteristics: High degree of automation, in addition to manual replacement of label paper, almost no manual intervention is required, the whole adopts PLC intelligent control, with automatic label detection function to prevent missing labeling; simple structure and safety Environmental protection, the whole machine adopts pneumatic control, the vacuum suction cup is driven by a pneumatic cylinder to complete the labeling, the label base paper is rewinded by a pneumatic motor, the label is picked up by a vacuum suction cup, and the label separation is also blown open by air. Since the working medium is air, The exhaust treatment is simple and does not pollute the environment; it saves labor costs. In the production process of labeling, most of the previous operations were performed manually. Manual labeling is the use of manual labeling, which not only lowers work efficiency, but also increases production costs, hindering the development of the enterprise. The automatic labeling machine can not only improve the efficiency of product attachment, but also avoid problems such as label waves, attachment wrinkles, difficult to grasp accuracy, and low productivity caused by manual attachment. It can effectively reduce production costs, improve the appearance of product logos, and improve product quality. It has a wide range of applications. The labeling machine is equipped with a special industrial computer, which can design different types and sizes of labels according to user requirements. It is not only suitable for chemical fiber bales, but also for other packaging equipment. The cost is low. The overall frame and pallet of the equipment are made of aluminum alloy, the mechanism design is stable and easy to adjust, and the overall cost is relatively low, which improves the competitiveness of the product. The automatic labeling machine is composed of a frame, an automatic control system, a pneumatic system, a label printer, a paper guide system, and an industrial computer. The frame is composed of aluminum profiles and has a simple structure. The position of the entire labeling head can be adjusted according to the labeling position, which is the basis of the entire equipment. The automatic control system is composed of PLC, control cabinet, touch screen and sensors, which ensures the reliability of equipment operation and is a guarantee for the safety and reliability of the entire product. Pneumatic system provides a stable power source for the entire equipment, which is indispensable. In order to ensure the efficiency of printing labels, the printer adopts imported brands. The industrial computer is mainly used for data transmission, printer control, label design and modification. The entire working process of the labeling machine is divided into actions such as label printing, label absorption, and labeling. Print label: The industrial computer transfers the parameter information of the packaged product to the printer, and the printer prints the label according to the requirements. Suction label: After the label is printed, the header is in a negative pressure suction state under the action of the vacuum generator; if a label is sent to the side of the suction label at this time, the air blowing tube on the side of the label separates the label from the base paper, and the printer Under the combined action of the negative pressure airflow of the header, the label is sucked by the label suction plate. Labeling: When the cotton bale passes, the measuring sensor detects and controls the reversing valve of the cylinder, and the cylinder moves to press the label to the designated position of the cotton bale, and then the suction pipe under the label stops suction, and the reversing valve The high-pressure gas is switched to the inner cavity of the label head, and the sucked label is affixed to the corresponding position of the cotton bale under the dual action of blowing and pressing to complete the labeling. Compared with the automatic labeling machine on the market, our company's automatic labeling machine has a wide range of application, high degree of automation, and simple and convenient operation. It can not only complete the labeling work perfectly, but also complete it with high efficiency and high quality. The task is to make every customer's product have an 'identity cardAs a supporting product of the baler, the automatic labeling machine not only reduces the overall cost, improves the market competitiveness of the baler, but also improves the economic benefits of our company.
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