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Bogao automatic labeling machine manufacturers have been making unremitting efforts-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-04
With the continuous and rapid development of society, companies are also constantly seeking rapid development, pursuing automated production of packaging machinery, so that companies can quickly increase production capacity and reduce corporate costs. As an important part of packaging machinery and equipment, automatic labeling machine is widely used in various industries, mainly suitable for medicine, daily chemical, food and other industries. Among many labeling machines, the influence of automatic labeling machine is even more obvious. For far-reaching. Similarly, our Bogao logo is also actively responding to market needs, constantly innovating and upgrading products to meet more customer needs. We have also been making unremitting efforts and have never stopped. Nowadays, the application of fully automatic labeling machine is also very extensive. It is a device for sticking rolls of self-adhesive paper labels (paper or metal foil) on PCBs, products or prescribed packaging. Automatic labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging. At present, the types of labeling machines produced in my country are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved. It has shifted from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling to the pattern of automatic high-speed labeling machines occupying the vast market. The automatic labeling machine developed by our Bogao logo has a wide range of applications, which can meet the full-circle or half-circle labeling of round bottles. The labeling switch between the bottles is simple, the adjustment is convenient, the label coincidence is high, and the label tape is used for bypassing. Correction mechanism, the label tape does not deviate, the labeling position is adjustable in three directions of x/y/z and the inclination of eight degrees of freedom, no dead angle adjustment, high label overlap, excellent labeling quality, flexible application, and intelligent control , High stability, simple adjustment, sturdiness and durability. The main working mechanism of the labeling machine is composed of a label supply device, a label taking device, a printing device, a gluing device and an interlocking device. Our Bogao logo automatic labeling machine has been making unremitting efforts and has never stopped. We are committed to the development and production of more perfect automatic labeling machines. We take the needs of customers as the first principle and make more Laminated labeling machine. If you think we are okay, you might as well cooperate once, which will surely bring you unexpected surprises.
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