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Bogao automatic labeling machine manufacturers analyze the labeling industry trend-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-03
The development of China's food machinery and fully automatic labeling machinery has not yet fully adapted to the strategic requirements of national economic and social development, and there is also a certain gap with foreign counterparts in the industry. Therefore, we must face up to the current situation, discover problems, and accelerate development. China’s food and labeling machinery companies are small in scale and large in quantity; product models are large and batches are small; companies have small connections and poor supporting facilities; severely lack of competitiveness and development strength; companies mainly rely on traditional manufacturing equipment and modern CNC equipment It is difficult to guarantee product quality due to the low level of machinery manufacturing and informatization; products lack independent intellectual property rights, fewer original products, low product technology content, and short life cycle; lack of professional engineering and technical personnel, and domestic universities have not specifically opened food machinery , Labeling machinery undergraduate majors, most of which set up professional directions in mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation majors, and labeling engineering majors. The number of professional talents is insufficient, and there is a lack of food engineering talents with interdisciplinary backgrounds and systematic mastery of science and technology in the field. . In addition, modern mechanical design methods are not commonly used, product development cycles are long, comprehensive design, manufacturing, engineering, and supporting capabilities are poor, which seriously affects the company’s technological innovation and new product development, and restricts the company’s leapfrog development; traditional food processing technology is not suitable The requirements of food industrialization, mechanization, and intelligence, and the disconnection between the development of food processing technology and the design of equipment have restricted the development of the food processing industry; equipment and production lines adapted to large-scale industrialized food production have low technical content and small production scale. It does not meet the needs of the development of the food industry and can only be imported from abroad. The main general equipment for food processing has high energy consumption, low production rate, low production capacity and low technical content. Not adapted to the needs of large-scale industrialized food production; online quality inspection of food processing equipment and labeling machinery, product safety measures, and coordination between humans and machines and the environment are insufficient; the processing accuracy of main parts is low, and the quality of main general-purpose parts is low. The technical level is not high, which seriously affects the working speed and working quality of the machine. In addition, key components such as servo motors, stepping motors, PLCs, sensors, etc. still rely on foreign technology and imports; technological innovation conditions and capabilities are insufficient, and the company’s Ru0026D capital investment is low. According to statistics, it is less than 1%, which seriously restricts the development of the company; new technologies, The application of new materials and informatization lags behind, and there is a lack of support for technology integration, interdisciplinary, and technology integration in new product development, technological innovation, and major equipment research and development. The above labeling machine industry status summarized by Bogao logo market observers, by understanding these status quo, can point out the development direction for China's food automatic labeling machinery industry.
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