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Bmes companies Material Handling Equipments is ABS Powder

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-23

Bag Dump Station:

BMES Bag Dump Station is used for manual unloading of product from bags, to avoid dusting during manual dumping of powder from the bags, and to maintain clean atmosphere, and safe working condition for workers. An automatic reverse pulse cleaning ensures release of dust from the filters.

Dust Collector:

BMES are used in industries, mainly to avoid Air Borne Pollutants in all forms, particulate, dust/Gases and fumes. In Pneumatic Conveying system, the conveying product is mixed with air. This air in turn is separated through dust collectors to avoid air pollution and also to recover valuable powders. The dust collectors are available in mild steel and stainless steel with rigid construction for pressure and vacuum application. Filter media will be selected according to nature of products and application. Special high temperature Dust collectors are available for different application.

Bin Activator:

BMES Bin Activators (Bin Dischargers) are used for free flowing of powders which tend to bridge or form rat hole in the Bins.

The Bin Activators consists of Vibrating cone with a flexible joint which is suspended beneath the Bin. Due to the vibration of the cone the powder in the Bin flows freely to the down stream equipment.

Screw Conveyor / Feeders:

BMES manufactures all types of Screw Conveyor / Feeders with high precision to suit the requirement as per CEMA standard and this screw conveyor are used in many bulk handling industries.

Slitting Machine:

BMES Bag slitting machines are used to slit wide range of bags of powder or granular materials. The machine is fully automated to achieve the higher capacity of 1200 bags/hr; the machine is designed with inbuilt filter to avoid the carry over of material through the compactor and also to keep the machine under vacuum. This machine is designed to handle different sizes/type of bags like paper bags, jute bags, HDPE, plastic bags etc.

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