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Blood collection tube labeling machine brings huge benefits to the hospital-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-09
I don’t know if you have ever experienced blood collection. In the past, blood collection was a very troublesome thing. In the past, the blood collection for a patient in the previous hospital took as little as half an hour to as long as one or two hours, and blood collection is indeed the majority of patients who come to the hospital. Inspections are required, so often when we go to the hospital, we can often see blood collection waiting in a long queue, but before we know it, this phenomenon disappears. The benefit lies in the appearance of the blood collection tube labeling machine. . In the past, because the test tubes used in our hospital were all without labels, our nurses had to manually write down the information every time after taking blood samples from the patients and put them on the test tube bottles with self-adhesive labels. The efficiency of the method is low, and it is easy to fall off because the label is not strong. Now, with the appearance of the blood collection tube labeling machine, our nurses do not need to manually label the test tubes one by one. Each test tube processed by the vascular labeling machine will be labeled. Our nurses only need to write the information on it when using it, and the labels put on by our labeling machine are durable and will not fall off. With the phenomenon of this, nurses will no longer be confused about what is in the test tube because the label falls off. After our nurses do not need to manually label, our patients also have a lot of convenience in the process of blood collection. The blood collection tube labeling machine not only can only label test tubes, it can also label all products that are not upright cylinders. This labeling machine is involved in all walks of life. The blood collection tube labeling machine also has a name called the cylindrical labeling machine. The cylindrical labeling machine is divided into two types, one is a horizontal cylindrical labeling machine, the other is a vertical cylindrical labeling machine, and the two equipment are respectively Corresponding to the labeling of cylinders that can stand and the labeling of cylinders that cannot stand, it occupies half of the labeling industry. The blood collection tube labeling machine is an intelligent, informatized, and standardized equipment. This equipment can shorten the working time of doctors and nurses, increase the convenience of doctors and nurses, and shorten the waiting time for patients to collect blood. This is an excellent labeling machine. It can label not only test tubes, but also medicines, oral liquids and other products. All in all, this equipment is an excellent labeling machine. Equipment, and the labeling machine design produced by our Bogao logo is the best in the industry. If you need to buy a labeling machine, please contact us.
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