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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-07
The Wang Fuzhi of the Ming Dynasty once said a few words: 'Be detached by yourself, be amiable.; Nothing is clear, nothing is clear.; proud and indifferent, frustration is calm.' In fact, few saints can do this. But happiness comes from this, so when facing anything, we try our best to keep our mentality in this state, otherwise we will have a lot of pain in our lives. . Wang Fuzhi is not teaching people to be indifferent to everything, but as long as we have done our best and have no shame in our conscience, then we don't need to care too much about anything. When developing the fully automatic labeling machine, it faced customers and the market with this mentality. Due to the market’s demand for fully automatic labeling machines, Bogao Sign Technology Co., Ltd. started the development of fully automatic labeling machines very early. During this period, it spent a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources and energy, plus The advanced technology imported from abroad and the fully automatic labeling machine developed later did not disappoint everyone. It adopts computer optical fiber control, synchronous tracking to use advanced labeling control systems such as the output label controlled by a mutual induction stepping motor; and it also adopts a roll-on method and an automatic bottle feeding and receiving device for making preparations. You can complete the work of placing, labeling and collecting bottles at one time; in addition, if the automatic labeling machine is equipped with a printer, the label printing can be completed synchronously. In addition to the features described above, the automatic labeling machine is also clean, sanitary, mold-free, and the labeling effect is beautiful, firm, and will not fall off by itself. In fact, if you do things with the mentality described by Wang Fuzhi, the results will surely surprise everyone.
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