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You have to know the things you need to pay attention to when printing labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-22
When the printing labeling machine is in actual work, there will be a variety of different working methods. From the current situation, if the printing labeling machine is to be worked, then in the process of working, it must be based on The existing requirements are designed to have a comprehensive understanding. When designing the printing and labeling machine, it is necessary to effectively classify according to the existing structure. The size changes in different places will also be different. The most important thing is to prevent the label from falling from the javelin. What are the problems with the label machine when it is in use? How to install the print labeling machine? When installing the labeling machine, you must add labels. When adding labels, ensure that the entire label is under pressure. If the pressure is relatively large, then when adding labels, it will also cause the entire label to be misaligned. At the same time It will also accelerate the wear and tear of the entire structure. In this case, you must ensure that the labels are aligned when adding labels. Basically, you must ensure that all the labels of about 0.2 mm are pressed on the side strips during this period. After opening it into a sponge, you need to press the entire label on the bottle, and finally bring better positioning to the label. How to test the printing and labeling machine? When the printing labeling machine performs the actual inspection, more inspection methods must be considered. When the bottle is printed and labeled by the conveyor belt, it is necessary to ensure that the vertical device of the labeling must be printed smoothly and evenly. If this process Insufficient pressure or excessive pressure is likely to be skewed according to the existing labeling position, so you must have confidence in this point. However, when we are operating, we must adjust the standard brush pressure. What should I pay attention to when printing and labeling machine operation? When the printing labeling machine is in actual operation, it is best to look at the thickness of the adhesive layer of the entire labeling board. If the thickness is too thick, clean it up in time.
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