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With the development of flat labeling machines, more and more suitable for the market

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-08
After years of development, the automatic flat labeling machine has become more and more important in all walks of life, and you can basically see it everywhere. At present, in the pharmaceutical industry, the flat labeling machine plays an important role and can be widely used in the upper surface labeling of various items. In addition, the flat labeling machine can also be used for various packaging labels, such as plastic boxes, cartons, medicine boxes, etc. . The flat labeling machine also has the advantages of simple operation, multiple functions, and touch screen operation interface. In daily operation, the flat labeling machine has high labeling accuracy, no wrinkles, no bubbles, simple adjustment, and relatively fast switching between different products and labels. It is worth noting that although the automatic labeling machine is easy to operate, users should also need to understand the common failures of the labeling machine and solve them in time. Decided to prevent delays in daily operations and production. The working process of the flat labeling machine is: when the sensor sends a signal that the label object is ready for labeling, the driving wheel on the labeling machine rotates. Because the reel label is under tension on the device, when the bottom paper is pressed on the peeling plate to change the direction, due to the certain rigidity of the label, the label is forcibly removed and ready for labeling. At this time, the label object is located at the lower part of the label, and under the action of the label wheel, synchronous marking is realized. After marking, the sensor below the reel label sends a stop signal, the drive wheel is stationary, and the label cycle ends. The flat labeling machine is a very popular labeling machine in the packaging industry today, and it is very popular in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and daily chemicals. Because of its simple operation and high automation, it greatly improves the production efficiency of manufacturers, reduces production costs, and meets the requirements of the labeling machine market. While the market needs labeling machines, labeling machine manufacturers also need the market to hone and affirm their own technology, so neither the market nor the labeling machine manufacturers can leave. In this context, Bogao Logo is well aware of the tremendous power of technology, and strives to make the company's flat labeling machine develop towards innovation, energy saving, and pollution reduction. At present, the flat labeling machine produced by the company has high production efficiency, high degree of automation, simple structure, good stability, high reliability and easy maintenance. The maintenance is convenient, the operation cost is economical and practical, and the labeling effect is good.
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