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Why is the production process automated labeling machine becoming the main trend of modern technology-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-22
Now that countries in the world have entered the era of automatic mechanization, the development of automation technology and electronic computers is rapidly increasing the degree of automation in the production process. Realize the self-function of the production process, which can increase the output and ensure the quality. Reduce the elimination of raw materials and energy skips. Reduce production costs and improve working conditions. Ensure production safety and reduce environmental pollution. Receiving good economic benefits and social benefits, then why the automatic labeling machine in the production process has become the main trend of modern technology? Significantly increase labor productivity: more products are produced within a given working time, and each labor input can create a higher output value, freeing laborers from conventional manual labor and turning to more creative work. Product quality is highly repeatable and consistent, which can greatly reduce the failure rate. Significantly reduce manufacturing costs: The cycle of automatic assembly of the machine is very short, which can achieve higher productivity. At the same time, the machine can run continuously, so that the manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced under the condition of mass production. High product accuracy: Various high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, inspection, vision systems or components are used on the machinery and equipment to ensure the high precision of product assembly and production. Shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the number of products in progress: machine automation shortens the product manufacturing cycle, enables companies to achieve fast delivery, improves their competitiveness in the market, and at the same time reduces the number of raw materials and products in progress, and reduces the cost of working capital ; Improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise: In some cases, it can only rely on automated production by machines. At present, products on the market are becoming more and more miniaturized and miniaturized, and the size of parts has been greatly reduced. Various micro-electromechanical systems are developing rapidly. The manufacturing and assembly of these micro-mechanisms, micro-sensors, micro-actuators and other products can only rely on machines. to realise. The use of automated labeling machine equipment can reduce labor and labor costs, and reliable automated equipment is easier to manage than humans.
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