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Which labeling machine is good for large household appliances? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-16
Large-sized household appliances, specifically refer to a series of products such as refrigerators, central air conditioners, microwave heating, induction cookers, steaming rice cookers and so on. Labeling these types of products, because of their large volume, different shapes, and various labeling positions, often encounter the problem of selecting labeling machine equipment. Which labeling machine is suitable? Let's talk about it below. As shown in the picture: labeling for large household appliances, applied to real-time printing and labeling machines. It has strong acceptability, stable operation, and can handle the above-mentioned difficulties of large product volume and different label positions. The actual characteristics are as follows; Real-time printing and labeling machines are often used as supporting facilities for household appliances packaging lines, and they can also be operated as stand-alone machines. The entire equipment has a variety of labeling methods, including common side stickers, pneumatic stickers, sweep stickers, corner stickers, etc. The labeling style of household appliances is shown in the figure; it adopts the method of industrial computer + labeling machine. Industrial computer function: The key is to show a copy of the main parameters of various information content, including the production elements of the product, serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark, electronic supervision code, etc., the handwriting is clear and beautiful. The precision of the whole labeling equipment is: ±1.5 mm, and the number of labels per hour is up to 1200 pieces. When the production line is available, because of the main operating parameters of the supporting facilities and other machinery and equipment, the labeling rate per minute is 5-30 pieces. The actual main parameters are related to the specifications and models of the products.
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