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Which labeling machine is good for ballpoint pen labeling? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-23
Ballpoint pen labeling machines have recently been searched by many manufacturers on the Internet, and pen manufacturers have successively purchased labeling machines from here. At present, there are many cases where pen barrels are labeled with barcodes. Almost all the gel pens we use every day are labeled with a barcode. There are also cases where whiteboard markers, colored pens, etc. have other labels besides QR codes. Most of the pens are cylindrical, so the round bottle labeling machine is selected for the labeling of the pen barrel. According to the size and output of the pen, we can choose the following two labeling machines: 1. The horizontal round bottle labeling machine for ball-point pens is characterized by fast speed. According to the diameter and length of the pen, the labeling machine is designed to convey. This machine is also commonly used. For small diameter round bottle products, such as oral liquid, ham sausage, solid glue, etc. Pen barrel labeling needs to be designed and conveyed according to the shape of the ratio, especially for barrels that are not cylindrical with the same diameter. Second, the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is actually a kind of horizontal labeling machine, the pen holder is more than 15mm will be easier to paste, the labeling speed is much slower than the horizontal automatic labeling. Both of the above-mentioned labeling machines are compatible with slightly tapered penholder labeling. You can choose the labeling machine that suits you according to your needs. If you have special products, you can also consult our online customer service. We can customize the labeling machine according to your product needs.
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