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Which industries are corner labeling machines generally used in? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-13
In the process of actual use of corner labeling machines, due to the different requirements of the applied industries, their scope of use is also very wide. However, from the current situation, when different types of products are actually used, the craftsmanship or The structure of the device will also be different. Of course, there will be more or less commonality among them. What industries can the labeling machine be used in? The corner labeling machine products in the beverage industry can be used in the beverage industry during actual use. The beverage industry requires high speed or accurate positioning, and they often have many different labels on a bottle, plus the shape or shape of the label. The materials often change, so there are high requirements for the device itself and the location of the label during use. Food industry The competition in the food industry is very fierce. Multi-layer labels can also provide good publicity and promotion space for most manufacturers. Therefore, this poses a higher challenge to the design of corner labeling machines. In the actual use of the existing products in the card industry, the entire label can be fully covered by high-speed printing of the password, but the traditional hot stamping method can completely cover the password, and the designer is choosing to seal the corner sticker In the actual design of the labeling machine, there are bold attempts. The existing manual mode can be replaced by automatic labeling, so as to design a set of inspection or labeling integrated production lines, which will also incorporate more people’s creativity In addition, there are more production link combinations, which are particularly flexible and can effectively meet the actual needs of existing production. In the process of direct use of the corner labeling machine in the medical industry, the use of self-adhesive labels will become more and more extensive. In addition to being used as identification, the label will also provide other functions. The design of the entire device Because the particularity will also be different.
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