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When it comes to labels that will be used in outdoor

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-07

But what exactly is anodized aluminum and how does it add value to labels and labeling systems today? Anodized aluminum is the product of an electrolytic passivation process which is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. An electrical circuit is created using the aluminum as the anode, which changes the microscopic texture of the aluminum surface as well as changing the crystal structure of the metal nearest the metal's surface. Since most thick coatings applied to materials are usually porous, a sealing process is needed to achieve resistance to corrosion. Anodized aluminum surfaces become those non-corrosive, harder surfaces; they become harder than ordinary aluminum but also have lower to moderate wear resistance that can be improved with increasing their thickness or by applying suitable sealing substances during the process.

Anodized aluminum 'films' are generally much stronger and more adherent than most types of paint and metal platings, allowing for a longer-lived image or text due to the durability of the covering layer, but are also more brittle. This makes anodized aluminum less likely to crack and peel from aging and wear and tear, but also more susceptible to cracking from thermal stresses over time. Thus it is important to consider what kind of forces will be wearing upon the surface of the aluminum labels that have been anodized. Extreme heat or sunshine are definitely forces that should be thought of if using this process for labeling and plating needs.

Anodized aluminum labels can be used for many, many applications and not only have great durability but also look quite professional and attractive for industrial applications such as directional signage in facilities, for navigational labeling in large-scale plumbing systems as well as irrigation and sewage systems, and for the mass production of name tags and nameplates and so on that require a modern, permanent or aesthetic styling brought about by metal. As long as the thermal stresses are considered with the aluminum itself and with the anodizing process, many tremendous uses of this material and process are applicable, making anodized aluminum labels highly popular and 'traditional' for many companies, retail outlets, clothing companies, automotive parts, etc.

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