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When a fire occurs, property gets damaged and

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-11

Classes of Fire Extinguishers

The appropriate handling of a fire extinguisher involves knowledge of the different classes. There are 5 classes, which are A, B, C, D and K, which determine what type of fire the extinguisher should be used on. Class A is used when there is a fire that involves paper, cloth and wood materials. Class B is great for liquids, such as gas and grease. Class C will take care of electrical fires where appliances were present. Class D is for combustible metals and Class K works for cooking oil. Individuals in the motor racing sport experience high rates of electrical, petrol and oil fires.


Fire extinguishers will help keep property on the race tracks safe, but it also helps to know what types work best for certain situations. Foam extinguishers work on class A and B fires. BC dry chemical extinguishers work on class B and C fires, however racing teams will want to invest in dry powder extinguishers. Racing involves operating vehicles that are prone to different types of fires. A powder fire extinguisher is versatile and can be used on class A, B and C fires.

Handling Tips

The proper application of a fire extinguisher will determine the difference between disaster and safety. The first step when a fire occurs is to pull out the retaining pin and squeeze the handle. If the fire involves a liquid, the nozzle should be directed near the edge of the fire. Electrical fires in a racing vehicle will be hard to put out if the power is still on. If the fire discontinues, the grip should be released to prevent further discharges.


The dry powder fire extinguisher is beneficial on the race tracks. The drivers are vulnerable to different types of fires and need a tool that can do the job. A wide temperature range between -20oc to +60oc ensures that the fires will get put out. Fires involving undercarriage assemblies will not be a problem because the product does not create thermal shock.

Competitors in the motor racing sport should be prepared for hazards, such as fires. A fire extinguisher is a great safety device however, knowledge of the types of fires and fire extinguishers is crucial. The best type for racing is the powder fire extinguisher and racing teams should check online to make a purchase.

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