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What should I do if the blood collection tube labeling machine fails? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-09
The name of the medical blood collection tube labeling machine must have made many people a little puzzled. The blood collection is easy to understand, and the labeling is also easy to understand, but the combination of the two makes people a little confused. In fact, this problem is not complicated. The labeling machine only labels blood test tubes used in hospitals. Why do these test tubes need to be labeled? In fact, this is for the convenience of doctors and nurses. Many people have seen the blood collection tube labeling machine, but few people in the industry recognize what it is. In fact, the blood collection tube labeling machine can also be called a horizontal labeling machine. This kind of mechanical equipment can not only be used for test tubes. Labeling can also label many products that cannot be upright cylindrical. It is a mechanical equipment that has been widely used in many industries. The working process of the blood collection tube labeling machine produced by our Bogao logo is mainly through taking the label and sending it. The steps of labeling, transmission, positioning, labeling, labeling, and rolling to complete the entire labeling process. When many companies use the blood collection tube labeling machine, there is a problem, that is, the accuracy of the labeling machine is inaccurate, and there will be a phenomenon of off-label and crooked label. What is the cause of this? The following editor will tell you that the problems that affect the work of the labeling machine and the accuracy of the labeling machine are nothing more than the positioning accuracy of the container, the labeling accuracy, the labeling accuracy, and the label rubbing accuracy. We can follow our own The problem is to adjust one by one. When a label has a strict positioning specification on the container, it needs to be rigorously debugged. Generally, our common positioning method is to locate the shape of the entire container, such as pits, film lines, photoelectric positioning points, etc., and finally feedback and adjust the position of the container through the servo motor. When we find that the labeling accuracy appears If there is a problem, this is because when the blood collection tube labeling machine is labeling, the round bottle will be rotated and the label will move. There will be a deviation here, and this deviation is for the labeling machine of the labeling machine. Precision is a fatal blow. Therefore, when designing, we need to focus on designing the synchronization mechanism. During the labeling period, the selection speed of the round bottle and the label extension speed should be the same, and their movements are relative, so as to improve the labeling accuracy of the labeling machine. Next, let's take a look at how to deal with the failure of the labeling and rubbing accuracy. This situation is generally caused by the label sliding on the product to be labeled, so we can let the technician debug according to this problem. The blood collection tube labeling machine produced by our Bogao logo has always been the first choice of major medical packaging industries. As a professional automatic labeling machine company, we have a variety of labeling machine equipment. If you If you need a labeling machine, welcome to contact us Bogao Logo.
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