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What should I do if the automatic flat labeling machine fails during use? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-15
Regarding the questions that many operators often ask, the automatic flat labeling machine may encounter many problems in the actual operation process, whether it is caused by human or other reasons, then once this occurs If there is such a problem, how to deal with these abnormal situations? Missing label or not labeling: In the process of choosing various aspects of the automatic flat labeling machine, most people will find that the current photoelectric head or the entire bottle is relatively far away, which can effectively adjust all the photoelectric heads. , There is also the parallel distance between the existing labeling baffles, and the photoelectric head of the entire flat labeling machine has relatively low sensitivity, so in this case, the rotary buttons of all potentiometers can be effectively adjusted. Continuous labeling: If this happens in the process of multi-faceted use of the automatic flat labeling machine, then either the entire photoelectric sensitivity is relatively high, and the potentiometer knob is effectively adjusted, and the other is in the entire communication process , The transparency of the photoelectric head is not as ideal as we imagined. In this case, the distance between the traffic lights can be adjusted between all ionizers. Label discount: In the process of selecting various aspects of the automatic flat labeling machine, you will find such a device. If this kind of problem occurs, it is also a phenomenon caused by the entire labeling too high. Adjust the existing labeling baffle or adjust the entire labeling fixed price lifting wheel. Unstable typing: In the process of using the automatic flat labeling machine in various aspects, you will find that such a device can bring us a variety of different experiences while using it. In fact, if the typing is unstable, there will be It may be directly related to the three speeds of label delivery and labeling. What should I do if there is a failure in the use of the automatic flat labeling machine? Through the above introduction, I believe that most people should understand that we must be more careful when we actually use it. Only in this way can we bring more protection.
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