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What labeling machines are used for packaging boxes? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-07
We usually buy all kinds of things in supermarkets, gift shops or online shopping. Many of them are very careful to list in the packaging box. In addition to improving the product recognition and product corporate image, we can also display everything on the packaging box. There may be a lot of information; on the contrary, of course, products with poor packaging and no information, which not only greatly discounts consumer desire, but also creates doubts for people to buy him. From this point of view, product packaging is still very important for a company’s marketing. A labeling machine is required for packaging labeling. Today, Bogao Marking Technology will introduce you to several types of labeling used in packaging boxes. Machine: The first type of printing labeling machine, the printing labeling machine can be divided into two types, one is online printing and the other is instant printing labeling machine. The difference between them is that the former is buffered batch printing, and the latter requires the information of each label. The information printed is different. The second type of assembly line labeling machine. The assembly line labeling machine is generally used in the production line. When the product packaging box flows through the labeling production line, the labeling machine will automatically perform the top or side surface labeling; the third type of flat labeling The labeling machine and the flat labeling machine can be either a stand-alone machine or a link to the production line. Its cost-effectiveness is more and it has a wide range of applications. The fourth type of corner labeling machine, the corner labeling machine is generally used in the sealing design of the packaging box, that is, a label is pasted on two sides of the corner, which is more used for anti-counterfeiting needs. The fifth type of multi-functional labeling machine, the more common one is multi-sided labeling and corner labeling. In this age of technology, with the advancement of economic globalization and the development of the national economy, people have higher and higher requirements for product quality and appearance, and factories have stricter requirements on product control, so now automatic labeling The machine has now basically replaced manual labeling, effectively dealing with the two major issues of production power and labeling accuracy. Automatic labeling machines are playing an increasingly important role in the product packaging process. More and more labeling machine brands and manufacturers have emerged in the market. For Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers, they want to get more The big development is to continue to pioneer skills together to ensure the stability of quality, in order to obtain the recognition of the majority of customers.
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