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What is the standard quotation for the labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-16
u200bu200bPresumably everyone will first understand the price when buying anything, especially the purchase of machinery and equipment. Now more and more people are starting to pay attention to the structure and configuration services of the labeling machine. It must be shop around and then ask about the price of the automatic labeling machine. Many customers and friends are consulting the manufacturer of the labeling machine. When the money is paid, does the manufacturer will not answer you directly, but give you a rough estimate of the price, because the labeling machine manufacturer cannot directly quote you, then why is this? First of all, everyone needs to first Let's understand the types of automatic labeling machines. Generally, labeling machines are customized according to the customer's functional needs. The advantage of this is that it can better match the company's production line, reduce cost and price, but also reduce the problem of labeling machines that are not suitable for customers' production lines. Bogao labeling machines include but are not limited to round bottle labeling machines, flat labeling machines Labeling machines, special-shaped surface labeling machines, are widely used in medicine, food, hardware, daily use and other commodities, but there are too many types of them, so the structure, function and procedure of each type of equipment are different. All will affect the price. Why are the quotations of different manufacturers different? Everyone must be wondering, why are the prices of the same equipment given by the various labeling machine manufacturers consulted are different? This is because the components of the labeling machine and the core processor PLC The selection of the labeling machine, the brand of the measuring electric eye, the accuracy and speed of the labeling machine will affect the price of the labeling machine to varying degrees. If it is a labeling machine manufacturer with high-end technology, the labeling machine produced by it will of course be better than other labeling machines in terms of quality and efficiency, so the price will be higher compared with other labeling machines. Why do I rarely see manufacturers quoting prices on the Internet, and only call to quote? The price of automatic labeling machine needs to call to inquire mainly to let the manufacturer know more about your requirements for the labeling machine, such as the labeling of the labeling machine To reach the speed (bottle/sheet/piece/hour), how should the labels be applied? Where do they need to be applied? Do you want to connect to the assembly line of your company’s production line? Where do you need to connect? And what do you have for the labeling machine? Upon request, Bogao will recommend the most suitable labeling machine for you according to your product, and then use the company’s technology to design the most suitable equipment for you according to your production line. It is best to combine the raw materials required by the equipment. Provide you with a quotation for this labeling machine!u200bu200bu200bu200b
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