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What is the relationship between the label labeling machine and the instant printing labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-11
The so-called labeling machine is a device for labeling product packaging, and the bar code printer, as its name implies, is a machine used to print labels. What is the relationship between the two? General labeling machine, if the product label is fixed, there is not much contact with the barcode printer, because the fixed label can be directly labeled by the printer after the label is printed. The following picture shows the labeling machine equipment without printing: However, in our actual applications, not all products use fixed labels. In many cases, labels still need to be changed frequently, including label templates Modifications, label content, styles, etc. At this time, a kind of print and paste equipment is needed to meet the needs of production and packaging. The so-called print and paste is a device that applies labels while printing. Some people call it instant printing labeling machine, real-time printing labeling machine, online type Print labeling machine, these names refer to the same labeling equipment. In this field, some common foreign brands include the German CAB labeling machine brand, Avery, and Japan's SATO. These manufacturers have natural technical advantages because they have the ability to produce barcode printers, but the prices are high. The following picture shows the production line of instant printing labeling machine: There are not many domestic manufacturers of printing and labeling machines. Most of them help customers customize their arms and choose bar code printers of foreign brands. At present, there are few manufacturers in the world that can make barcode printers, especially the print head technology, all of which are from Japan. In China, Bogao logo also has certain advantages in printing and labeling equipment, because it has many years of experience in the sales and technology of bar code printing equipment, and knows which printers are more suitable for printing and labeling equipment, which helps many automations. The company customized this kind of equipment and received a lot of praise.
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