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What is the relationship between machine vision automatic labeling machine and product traceability-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao standard

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-13
In the last issue, we talked about the visual inspection effect of the automatic labeling machine. In this issue, we will talk about the relationship between product traceability and vision. Many people do not understand what retrospective is and what is the use of retrospective. In fact, there is a traceability system in daily life that everyone can touch, that is, the express logistics industry. How to explain this system needs to start from our source, which is also the meaning of product traceability. When we go shopping on Taobao to select and purchase products, the merchants will pack the goods for express delivery. Generally speaking, we don't care about too many details. The traceability system has been opened at this time, and our point-by-point description will be clearer. After the goods are packaged, the merchant will use a fully automatic labeling machine to label the product label (express note). This label indicates the product information. The merchant uploads the express note number to the platform, and the platform is responsible for feedback on the logistics status of the consumer's purchase of the product. The courier conducts a unified door-to-door collection, and distributes the goods after returning to the site. Then scan the code and enter the order number. After the goods are shipped, a scan code entry will be performed at each site to feedback the location of the consumer's goods. In the end, the courier is delivered to the consumer, and the whole process is over here. Logistics is a good example. Logistics express gives the goods an exclusive and unique barcode, and manages and registers the express parcels through visual scanning of the code. It is necessary to scan the code and enter it until the final consumer does not pass through a city site. When it comes to missed inspections after missing items, consumers or businesses can hold the courier company accountable by viewing the logistics information, check the status of the express on the site, and accurately find the express, judge and assign responsibility if it is missed. The logistics industry is a traceability system that has been used very well and clearly. Of course, there are many that are really common in our lives, especially the beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, wine industry, etc. The biggest advantage of the traceability system is that it can effectively treat raw materials. , Production, sales, and transportation are managed in a unified manner, and event tracking is somewhat checkable, which is conducive to the management of the enterprise, and to a large extent the management cost of the enterprise. The management of the traceability system also requires an auxiliary tool that is what we call machine vision labeling machines. Machine vision labeling machines can help companies quickly enter and identify products in the production environment. For example, the bar code entry of a certain express. The product's two-dimensional code information can be quickly classified, entered, analyzed, and eliminated by the machine vision labeling machine. Traditional manual entry takes too much time and the accuracy rate is low. Therefore, the machine vision automatic labeling machine and product traceability have always been complementary, and the joint cooperation to complete the production cycle and management of the enterprise has been a good guarantee.
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