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What is the machine composition of the automatic labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-04
Humans are composed of various organs, and machines are also composed of various parts. Without any of the parts, the machine will not be assembled and it will be difficult to operate. Therefore, every part is very important. Today, the Bogao logo will talk about it. What is the machine composition of the automatic labeling machine? 1. Unwinding wheel. It is a passive wheel, used to place the roll label. It is usually equipped with a friction brake device with adjustable friction force, the purpose is to control the speed and tension of the reel, and keep the paper conveying smoothly. 2. Buffer wheel. The work is connected with the spring. Can swing back and forth. The purpose is to absorb the tension of the roll material when the device is started, keep the material in contact with the rollers, and prevent the material from breaking. 3. Guide roller. It is composed of upper and lower two, which play the role of guiding and positioning the roll material. 4. Drive roller. Consists of a set of active friction wheels. Usually one is a rubber roller and the other is a metal roller, with the bottom paper passing between them. The function is to drive the roll material to achieve normal labeling. 5. Rewinding wheel. It is a driving wheel with friction transmission device, which is used to rewind the bottom paper after labeling. The rotation of the take-up wheel does not interfere with the paper-handling of the drive wheel, and the synchronous transmission is adjusted by the friction device. 6. Peel the board. There is an angle from the end of the board (usually less than 30°), the purpose is to make the label easy to mark out and separate from the backing paper when the backing paper changes direction through the peeling board, so as to achieve contact with the labeling object. 7. Labeling roller. Apply the label from the bottom paper evenly and smoothly on the article to be affixed. That's it for the composition of the automatic labeling machine! I believe everyone who is smart has already understood it
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