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What is the function of the top pressure mechanism of the labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-17
There are many labeling machine structures. Let’s talk about the topping mechanism today, which is to use a mechanism to press the top of the product to make the product run smoothly during the conveying process and the rotating process, so as to meet the purpose of labeling and high-precision labeling. . Why does it mean high-precision labeling as well as satisfying labeling? Here, Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers will explain from two types of machines. The first model is the side labeling machine. This is a model that must be equipped with a topping mechanism, especially for square bottles and irregular bottles. It must be ensured that when the product is transported to the labeling place, the labeling surface of the product must be covered. Keep the level, the only way to meet the labeling. If the topping mechanism is removed, the product will enter the conveyor belt with excessively divided bottles, especially the lighter products will be displaced during the conveying process, and will also be biased when the label is overwritten, and the label cannot be properly labeled. The second model, round bottle labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine generally does not need to carry out the topping design, the topping design is required for high-precision labeling of long labels, or the product is relatively light and easy to jump up and down, resulting in inaccurate labeling . This type of pressing mechanism is different from the side labeling machine. It is driven by an air cylinder. The product is pressed down immediately when the product enters the labeling area. After the label is applied, it automatically returns to the original position. There is a rubber rotor that can rotate with the product in contact with the product. , Can play a role in protecting the product, so as not to scratch the product when rotating.
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