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What is the function of the labeling machine? What are the advantages? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-26
It is very common to use label labeling machines in our daily lives. What are its advantages? Next, let’s summarize with you: 1. High-efficiency, low-cost automatic labeling machines are ancient mechatronics products. Basically, the situation of low manual labeling effectiveness and low labeling quality has been changed. The use of labeling machinery not only packs the production output, but also greatly reduces the investment cost, increasing the production vitality of the manufacturer. 2. High performance and higher cost performance. Not only can the active labeling machine meet the work requirements of the above industries, in addition to the obvious characteristics of fast labeling speed and high precision, it also has a long service life. The service life of a labeling equipment is about 8-10 years. Taking the price of the mainstream labeling machine at the beginning, the market price of a fully automatic round bottle labeling machine (standard machine) is 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, evenly per year. The labeling output can be achieved with an investment of three to five thousand, which is equivalent to one month's labor cost. It can be seen that the labeling machine is super cost-effective. 3. Universal use and diverse uses. Active labeling machinery department is satisfied with the labeling needs of various industries, such as wine, daily chemical, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, electronics, hardware, cosmetics, board and other industries. The labeling varieties follow The functions are also diverse, such as self-adhesive labels, anti-counterfeit labels, paste labels, barcodes, and films. The self-adhesive labeling machine adopts self-adhesive roll label paper. During the automatic bottle feeding process with the bottle unscrambler, the roll label paper is continuously torn off and attached to the automatic packaging machine on the bottle body according to the required position. The equipment control system uses computer programming and full Chinese LCD touch screen, text type and button type. It is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable working performance. The self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness and sanitation, no mold, beautiful and firm after labeling, will not fall off by itself, and high production efficiency. Labeling machine When the sensor sends a signal that the labeling object is ready to be labeled, the driving wheel on the labeling machine rotates. Because the roll label is in a tensioned state on the device, when the bottom paper is tightly attached to the peeling plate and changes direction, the front end of the label is forced to separate and prepare for labeling due to the certain stiffness of its own material. At this time, the labeling object is located just below the label, and under the action of the labeling wheel, synchronous labeling is realized. After labeling, the sensor under the roll label sends out a stop signal, the driving wheel is stationary, and a labeling cycle ends. Labeling machine manufacturer Round bottle labeling machine realizes labeling or filming on the circumferential surface of cylindrical and conical products, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc., can realize circumferential, semicircular, circumferential double-sided, circumferential positioning labeling Other functions include vertical labeling and horizontal labeling. The appearance of the labeling machine makes the previously impossible procedures such as manual film sticking simple and feasible. 4. Convenient and sturdy, easy to manage. The labeling machine's superiority and sturdy working function, the self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of clean and sanitary, non-breakable labeling machine mold, beautiful, sturdy after labeling, and will not fall off by itself. The equipment is simple to operate. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, one or two automatic labeling equipment can meet their production needs. Compared with the original labeling of several workers, the labeling machine undoubtedly has outstanding ease of management and convenience. The labeling machine also has many advantages, such as its low energy consumption, active production, active monitoring, self-inspection and other characteristics, which are deeply affected by large customers. The above is the function and advantages of the labeling machine introduced to you. I hope that it may help you!
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