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What is the difference between automatic labeling machine roll labeling and suction labeling? -Labeling machine-labeling machine manufacturer-automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Shenzhen Bo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-05
With the development of industry, more and more machines are needed by businesses, and new machines will continue to be invented to allow us to process. Automatic labeling machine is one of them. Then What is the difference between automatic labeling machine roll labeling and suction labeling? Let's take a look. The labeling machine has two labeling methods: rolling and suction. Roll labeling is a term in the industry, and it is currently the most widely used labeling method, such as beverage bottle labeling, PET filling food labeling, and so on. The products quickly pass through the labeling and over-labeling place one by one, and the labels are continuously labeled one by one. The label peeling method is to automatically peel off the label through the label peeling board, and then automatically apply the label through the labeling mechanism. The speed is faster and there is no need to stop. Bogao logo double-sided labeling machine can label 300P in one minute and 18,000 labels in one hour. Suction sticking is a sticking method that uses a suction device to suck the label, and then stick it to the product. The most popular application of suction stickers is on real-time printing and labeling machines. This type of labeling method is the most widely used in express delivery, electronic products, and e-commerce products. The suction labeling and labeling overwriting mechanism is a labeling robot. One end of the robot is equipped with a label suction device. After the label is sucked by the device, the robot is used to attach the label to the product. The speed of this labeling method is much slower than that of rolling. But now real-time printing and labeling can also be achieved by sucking and sticking. In addition to the real-time printing and labeling application, the semi-automatic flat labeling machine will also be used. The semi-automatic suction and labeling speed is about 40P per minute, but it can achieve a labeling accuracy of ±0.5mm in combination with a labeling fixture. Suitable for some high-precision labeling products.
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