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What is a Brother colour laser printer

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-13

A Brother colour laser printer is what is known in modern computer parlance as a peripheral. This name comes from the fact it is peripheral to the core operating system. In other words, a printer is attached to a host computer to enhance its capabilities, but is not part of the core computer architecture and is independent of the central system.

In computing, a printer is a device used to produce physical versions of either text or graphics - or both - stored electronically in the form of documents, onto paper or other physical media. An OKI colour Laser Printer is a common type of modern printer that swiftly produces high quality text, as well as graphics, on plain paper. If you are interested in the technical bit, laser printers are different to analog photocopiers because the graphics or text is recreated by the scanning of a laser beam across the printer's photoreceptor. It is an affordable alternative to other types of printer such as inject models (which sprays droplets of liquid or molten ink on the page) and solid ink machines (which reproduce the document by melting a coat of ribbon onto the page.

To produce images in colour, a Brother colour laser printer contains various types of coloured toner. Toner is dried ink which is electrostatically picked up by an electrically charged drum before being fused onto the paper using heat.

What are the benefits to owning a Brother colour laser printer?

Laser printing is ideal for home or home office printer sharing, offering a budget friendly solution to your printing problems so you not have the inconvenience of a trip to the local library to print a document. An OKI colour laser printer brings fast, high quality text printing with numerous fonts so are suited to a business as well as domestic environment. They also do not need to warm up. Solid ink printers work by thermal transfer, so need to be given time to reach a heat temperature. Laser printers do not need this, and are also far more energy efficient than their solid ink counterparts.

A Brother Colour Laser Printer from http://www.idselectricals.co.uk is also available with a number of features which make life more convenient. Probably the most useful one is wireless networking, so you do not need untidy cables and wires such as wireless and wired (Ethernet) network interfaces to connect to your router.

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