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What factors make up the unit price of a labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-26
With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, every commodity in circulation needs to indicate the production date and shelf life and other related information. Packaging is the carrier of information, and labeling of commodities is the way to achieve it. A labeling machine is a machine that adds labels to packages or products. It not only has a beautiful effect, but more importantly, it can track and manage product sales, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, if abnormalities occur, it can be accurate and timely To initiate a product recall mechanism. When it comes to labeling, people know that it has transformed from manual labeling to an automated process. The existence of the labeling machine solves various problems in the manual labeling process and improves production efficiency. So what are the factors that make up the unit price of the labeling machine? How much does a labeling machine cost? This is what many buyers want to know. Let me introduce to you as follows: 1. Types of labeling machines, there are many types of labeling machines, with different models and functions. Therefore, their prices are also different. Analyzing from the market, different manufacturers also have great differences in equipment production costs. One of the reasons that cannot be ignored is the intelligence and advanced level of the labeling machine in use. 2. It can be customized. In many cases, labeling machines need to be customized according to the characteristics of their own products. And for some manufacturers with stable performance and very mature equipment, the unit price is directly proportional to the technology. In addition to the continuous development of new technologies, these manufacturers control the quality, production and accuracy of the labeling machine very well. 3. The core component, an advanced labeling machine, not only depends on its technology and degree of automation, but also depends on the performance of the labeling machine. For example, for the core components and main components used by the labeling machine itself, labeling machine manufacturers have very high requirements for their quality. In contrast, the cost of customizing the labeling machine will naturally rise. 4. After-sales service, good after-sales service will always be oriented to meet customer needs, taking into account the humanization of customer operation and production efficiency, and aiming to reduce customer labor costs and improve product stability. For labeling machine manufacturers, it is inseparable from their technical team to ensure a good level of service, and it is also a prerequisite for buyers to purchase labeling machines.
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