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What factors affect the performance of label labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-09
There are various types of labeling machines on the market, including pure labeling machines and printing labeling machines. The pure labeling machine is a machine that puts the printed labels on the production line for labeling; and the printing labeling machine is also the real-time printing labeling machine, real-time printing labeling machine, and thermal transfer labeling. The core printing engine is a bar code printing device. What are the factors related to the performance of the labeling machine? First, the traction mechanism directly provides the label peeling power, and the design needs to consider factors such as slippage and wear. A labeling machine with a dual-tension drive control structure can be selected. The advantage of this labeling is that it can effectively reduce label breaks and ensure that a certain degree of stability can be maintained under high-speed labeling. If the imported gold steel sand rod is used as the main power rod, the effect of stable traction will be more significant. 2. Mechanical structure. If the mechanical structure design is not strong enough, the machine will vibrate when it is running, or the movement will not be in place at any time, and even the best electrical configuration will not work. The label can be affixed to the packaged product in a short period of time, and the stable frequency and speed of the conveyed material on the conveyor belt are also very important. The conveying mechanism of the labeling machine with good performance mostly adopts super-powered AC motors, coupled with large-capacity thyristor speed control, stainless steel side plates, after special treatment, the conveying is stable and durable, which is beneficial to improve the labeling accuracy. 3. Adjustment mechanism. Labels can be used for various commodities in all walks of life in daily life. The labeling requirements are also ever-changing, so it is necessary to adjust the machine frequently. If the adjustment mechanism has defects in the design, the labeling effect will not be achieved. 4. Electrical configuration. Electrical configuration will directly affect the stability of equipment operation. How to ensure the performance of the labeling machine requires high-quality electrical configuration. Although high-quality electrical configuration cannot prevent equipment from malfunctioning, it can prevent and reduce the number of malfunctions. 5. Labeling head, if the labeling accuracy cannot be guaranteed, the labeling effect cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the correction mechanism, pressing mechanism, electric eye detection mechanism and traction mechanism of the label tape bypassing are very important, so we also need to pay great attention to it.
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