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What else does the label labeling machine need in addition to the fast labeling speed-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-08
Many people think that as long as the labeling speed is fast enough, it is good. This idea is correct but not entirely correct, but this is just one of the points and there are many aspects that have not been considered. Next, the Bogao logo will explain it to everyone. What else does the label labeling machine need in addition to the fast labeling speed? 1. Label output speed: When matching with the output of the label labeling machine, the output speed of the label labeling machine is often not comprehensively determined according to the label width and printing speed. It is also unreasonable to select only the largest output index in the manufacturer's sample, because the maximum output index given by the manufacturer's sample is generally based on a certain label length and a certain printing method. Therefore, when choosing the output of the self-adhesive labeling machine, the conveying speed must first be examined. 2. Coding speed: The printing speed of the labeling machine is especially important for the labeling machine used in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, when selecting the sending and scrolling speed of the labeling machine, we should consider the printing speed of the printing machine, and the smallest printing machine can be counted as the actual label capacity value. The printing is usually mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry label batch number, blanching heating print head to print out the words of the text by the technology band. Why hot stamping sticker printing is the preferred method for printing its batches in the pharmaceutical industry? In the recent inkjet printing hot stamping method, the low maintenance cost of printing hot stamping equipment and production cost comparison; 2 kinds of hot stamping odors will affect the printing part when the solvent is similar to the inkjet printing device, which is produced by the circulating air conditioning system. Will happen; three is a belt that can be recycled to the green side. Although hot stamping has its own characteristics, it also has its weaknesses, that is, the hot stamping speed is limited to a certain extent. The fastest speed of domestic hot stamping machine is generally 400 times/min, and the printed text is not clear afterwards. Therefore, some people think that the maximum output of the hot stamping self-adhesive labeling machine can only be set to 400 pieces/minute, and the self-adhesive labeling machine exceeding 500 pieces/minute should be equipped with inkjet printing.
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