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What causes bubbles in the labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-16
The use of the quality of industrial equipment is also the trend of social development. For example, the application of labeling machines is mostly used in object packaging or warehouse freight logistics to increase the production and processing rate of employees. The work efficiency will also be higher. It seems that some of the packaged objects seen in the shopping malls are labeled with a labeling machine. Think about the quality of the supermarket goods and the use of such machinery and equipment. Is it much more convenient! So what causes bubbles in the labeling machine? 1. Bottle shape with smooth finish The bottle shape with smooth finish is more prone to wrinkles. It can be divided into the following situations. The solution is based on the following process. 1. In the case of accepting the test product and the label, you must first determine whether the labeling machine label and the inclination of the test product are matched. You can use force to simulate the labeling first. If it is not a matched labeling machine label, it will appear The logo is skewed, or after the two ends of each segment of the logo are aligned, there is a wrinkle in the middle part. The above conditions must be changed by the customer. 2. Adjust the labeling organization so that it fits into the bottle shape. If the cone is too large, the structure column organization must be upgraded to avoid the upward interaction force on the glass bottle due to the smoothness of the labeling organization. It is the departure of the sample for transportation that causes the labeling deviation of the labeling machine to expand. 3. Under the condition that there is no problem with the clear labeling, the labeling machine equipment adjustment organization must be adjusted to match the label bottom position and the finish of the test product. The larger the smoothness of the bottle type, the larger the indoor space that must be adjusted. After clarifying the basic angle of view, test stickers can be carried out. According to the specific conditions, the bottom position of the bid can be adjusted. In addition, the traction belt must be matched with the frequency of overwriting. . Above is the Bogao logo standard equipment adjustment seat, which can be adjusted in multiple directions and can solve most of the viewing angles of smooth glass bottles. 2. When the transparent label is used in the transparent label, because of the characteristics of the logo, it will cause the formation of bubbles. What you must do is to remove the large bubbles as much as possible; 1. Because of the characteristics of the logo, the labeling machine should be fully transparent. Make sure that the surface of the glass bottle is clean and tidy when marking, because some small fine particles will cause some big bubbles to appear. 2. The glass bottles with relatively small matching should be clearly marked whether they are matched with the bottle type. When the small bottle goes out of the hollow blow molding machine, it may appear uneven on the labeling surface and cause large bubbles. . 3. Basic bottle shape The basic bottle shape here refers to the straight red wine bottle shape and the bottle shape with no smooth finish like this kind. For the basic bottle shape, if there are bubbles and labeling wrinkles, the general situation is all due to the labeling wrinkles caused by the mismatch of the labeling rate and the labeling rate. Here, the main parameters of the automatic frequency of the traction belt and the main parameters of the over-standard automatic frequency must be matched and set in the main parameter page of the touch screen to solve the above problems.
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