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What brand of print labeling machine is better in 2020? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
What brand of print labeling machine is better in 2020? This is a new hot topic in the printing and labeling machine industry. As labor costs continue to increase, some repetitive low-quality labor is gradually replaced by machines. Many customers who have newly added automated production lines have an imminent demand for marking and packaging equipment. The domestic printing and labeling machine market is developing rapidly, which also leads to the existence of some bubbles, and it is difficult for users to make the right choice. So what are the relationships and differences between printing labeling machine brands, and what issues should be paid attention to when choosing. According to authoritative statistics, the total sales volume of all major domestic/imported printing labeling machine brands will reach nearly 18,000 units in 2020. The market scale is prominent. The production of printing labeling machines is prominent. The existing brands of manufacturers and printing labeling machines will face differentiated development and changes, and the polarization will become more obvious. With the changes in the total market demand and total supply, the balance has gradually been broken. In 2019, many new brands have emerged in the print labeling machine market, forming a situation of contention among a hundred schools of thought. What we have to mention here is the fully automatic real-time printing and labeling machine platform. Through multi-axis motion, precise positioning and signal transmission, dynamic printing and labeling on precision electronic components such as PCB and FPC circuit boards can be realized. , To realize the quality traceability management of 'one item, one code'. There are more rigid requirements for the automation integration technology of printing labeling machine suppliers. It has been on the road of automatic label traceability system integration for many years, from software, hardware to the formulation of comprehensive labeling schemes. Mature and reliable. Different brand positioning results in equipment having different industry focus and more targeted. For the automated packaging industry, it is more a situation of benign promotion and competition; for customers, more choices, better services, more stable and reliable quality, and more open and transparent prices are more important. According to the analysis of the trend, some domestic consulting agencies have compiled a report on the demand analysis of eight major industries for customers to purchase and print labeling machines. In 2020, about 20% of customers will continue to use traditional labeling machines while purchasing and replacing them. , The demand and budget of the replacement printing and labeling machine, the prospect is quite optimistic. Facing the reform of the label packaging industry, new concepts such as electronic supervision codes, QR codes, and one item one code have flooded into the market. In order to meet the development requirements of new marketing, let products keep up with the trend of the times and enhance the market’s similar products. Competitiveness, printing and labeling has gradually shifted from soft requirements to rigid automated production lines. After careful interviews and return visits to old customers, the purchased brands are mainly concentrated in production-oriented enterprises with preferential prices, guaranteed quality, long history of development, and rich experience and technology. So when faced with the choice of purchase, which brand of print labeling machine is better in 2020? Bogao Logo believes that with the progress and development of printing labeling machines, it will become more detailed and more targeted from industry to equipment. As a labeling machine supplier of different brands, it will highlight and enlarge its own characteristics. Achieve a breakthrough in all aspects from point to surface. Should be in the 2020 print labeling machine brand development trend report, more diversification and specialization will be the main rhythm of equipment evolution and iterative upgrades in the next 1-3 years. With a deeper understanding of the industry, the research and development of the print labeling machine from the source will become more meticulous and control the details, including various supporting equipment, so that people who really use the equipment will feel professional, simple, reliable, and assured. Particularly important. In the early stage of purchase, the printer and labeling machine manufacturers need to follow up in time, including sample collection, preliminary sample processing and classification, application for proofing test, sample test feedback, and model recommendation. All trial machines are provided free of charge. Among them, customer communication is very important to let customers understand the process and working principles while we deal with products, which is a responsible attitude towards customers. In the mid-stage of procurement, customers dominate and often communicate on issues such as functions, configurations, prices, and parts lists. Labeling machine manufacturers should adopt and accept them in a timely manner. After reaching a consensus, they can negotiate the installation of new machines and other matters. Most manufacturers will classify customers' products and environments in more detail in 2020, and add some creativity in machine design and post-detail processing to increase coordination and collaboration, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce marking. The purpose of time. Of course, through the above content, I want to let everyone know which brand of print labeling machine is better. This old-fashioned question is still very difficult. The major aspects will be 'user experienceThese three aspects are extended and developed. As a company with more than ten years of experience in the automated labeling and packaging industry, Bogao is specialized in printing labeling machines and barcode labeling products. Independent non-standard customized labeling program product services. Bogao logo has quite strong competitiveness in the labeling machine industry of labeling packaging equipment. It provides the Chinese manufacturing industry with internationally synchronized technical service solutions with excellent products and reasonable prices; it is a supporting printing for domestic automated production line companies. Labeling machine accessories provide high-quality products and services.
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