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What are the technical performance of the automatic labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
Nowadays, various industries are using some labeling machine equipment. The so-called hope is to give the product a beautiful appearance and anti-counterfeiting. However, any labeling machine will always have corresponding technical performance during use, such as automatic labeling. The labeling machine is a relatively common one, so what are the technical performance of the automatic labeling machine? If you want to know the technical performance of the automatic labeling machine, take Bogao's automatic labeling machine, which is a machine that automatically pastes the label film on the bottom paper of the material tape on the specified position on the surface of the part. Using circular assembly line, multi-station, fully automatic work, this machine has a wide range of applications, such as mobile phone electronics, communications, computers, leds and other industries. The placement effect is good, no bubbles, no scratches, no bright edges; easy to operate, material The belt is easy to replace, the parts can be operated positively and negatively, can be fine-tuned, and the adjustment is convenient. At the same time, the number of stations in a line can be increased or decreased arbitrarily according to customer requirements, and hot melt, tapping and other items can also be added, which is the best choice to solve the shortage of labor. In fact, the equipment label paper of the labeling machine is also the key content. When you inquire about the technical performance of the automatic labeling machine on the Internet, you will find this content, which is actually a technical indicator of the label size. The size has a certain relationship with the type and structure of the labeling machine. The labeling head is used to achieve the final labeling accuracy during the use of the equipment. Therefore, the label selection of the equipment should be cautious. It is best to request the labeling machine manufacturer. Customized according to your needs, under normal circumstances should be carried out within the specified range. The labeling efficiency itself is also an important technical indicator of the labeling machine, and it can eventually reach more than 99%. This is also some knowledge that must be understood in the current use process.
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