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What are the regulations when the flat labeling machine is adapted to the labeling of a variety of specifications and models?-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-deep

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-30
In the labeling production and manufacturing of labeling machines, because many manufacturers usually not only produce products of one type and specification, then it is necessary to involve the problem of labeling adaptation of the labeling machine. For example, what are the rules when applying the same flat labeling machine to the labeling of products of various specifications and models? What should I pay attention to? The following discussion pays attention to the following content: products with the same sorting characteristics, look the same, only the actual specifications Different. 1. For this kind of commodities, the main parameter categories of the diameter and aspect ratio of the commodities must be integrated, and the larger and the smallest commodity application fields must be formulated, and a universal base model can be used. 2. For products with different specifications, if the same machine and equipment must be suitable for labeling, only special centrifuge tubes and bottom molds must be made. The semi-automatic labeling machine for floor plan is more general in scope, and it is very suitable for the labeling situation with small quantities, many types, and various specifications and models. Although it is a semi-automatic labeling machine, the glass film volume in 8 hours per day reaches more than 10,000 pcs. , Is a good assistant for small and medium enterprises. The key principle of the whole process of work: the controller detects the product in time or the button switch sends out the start data signal, the centrifuge tube that has absorbed the protective film will lower the service platform, the service platform will return and suck the film, and the centrifuge tube will lower the paste product after the service platform is in time. After returning to the restoration point, a film is displayed in the header, waiting for the next glass film data signal, and a protective film is pasted. Operation process: put the goods-
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