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What are the functions of fruit labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-06
Nowadays, citizens are paying more and more attention to packaging and labeling products. Good packaging and labeling can enhance the quality and value of products. For example, when we select fruits, we will find that many fruits have labels on them. Fruit labels are round, square, leaf-shaped, and some special-shaped labels. The output of fruits is large, and the sales volume is large. How should the labels on hundreds of thousands or even millions of fruits be attached? Manual posting is one way, but when the amount is large, it takes a lot of manpower and time. There is a labeling machine designed for fruit labeling, we call it a fruit labeling machine. In recent years, the combination of the development of China's fruit industry with the Internet and technology is the general trend, and agriculture has gradually freed from iron plowing and cattle farming. In terms of policy, the state has formulated land reforms and the planting area has increased. Technically, as the application of Internet of Things technologies such as smart agriculture, precision agriculture, and remote control systems in modern agriculture is gradually expanding, more funds and technologies are invested in agricultural services, and the fruit industry is the top priority . As automation becomes more and more mature, only fruit labeling has always been monopolized by foreign countries. Large domestic fruit companies rely on imports and suffer from bundled label sales. The packaging cost is an additional hundreds of thousands each year. Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers set up With mature design experience, from mechanism design, parts accuracy, program control, to overcome domestic technical limitations! Finally, a fruit labeling machine was developed. The fruit labeling machine has reached the foreign technical level after long-term testing, and greatly reduced the use cost of fruit enterprises! Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers have more different labeling machinery, filling machinery, filling production lines, packaging production lines and various non-standard automation equipment for different production and project scales. Products include manual, Semi-automatic, fully automatic, non-standard customized range, high-quality equipment!
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