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What are the factors that cause the labeling of the automatic labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-02
The progress of the times Now many companies are realizing automation. The automatic labeling machine has always been an indispensable part of the later production stage of the company. It is the proof of the identity of the company and the product. Today, the editor of Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer will explain the relationship between the labeling edge of the automatic labeling machine and the adhesion of the self-adhesive label. When using a self-adhesive labeling machine label, if you want the label to be beautiful and strong, it is important to choose the label material. In addition to labels suitable for product hardness, rounded corners should be used as far as possible to reduce or avoid the sharp corner effect of the label. Let's talk about the original topic again, what is the relationship between the labeling edge of the automatic labeling machine and the adhesion of the adhesive label. If the stickiness of the self-adhesive label is not enough or when the glue distribution of the self-adhesive label is balanced, it is very easy to cause the phenomenon of label lift. Then how to solve this kind of problem? If the surface of the product to be labeled is relatively smooth, it is very difficult for the automatic labeling machine to work. The smooth surface will cause the internal content to overflow during the labeling process, causing the label to curl or lift. This situation should be appropriate Adjust and increase the pressure value of transfer and labeling, so that the label can be attached more firmly after being stressed. Check whether there are oily substances on the surface of the label. Oily substances cannot be labeled. When choosing labels in the early stage, you should prefer to choose labels with a uniform adhesive layer and a moderate hardness. Control the temperature during the operation of the automatic labeling machine. A suitable temperature can increase the activity of the label and make the stick more firmly. When we use an automatic labeling machine for labeling, if edge curling occurs, we first look at the problem from the label quality, and analyze whether it is because of the label stickiness that causes the labeling to curl. Quickly solving the problem of automatic labeling machine labeling is also an important step to improve corporate productivity and corporate image, which should not be ignored!
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