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What are the differences between automatic labeling machine and handheld labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-07
The automatic labeling machine is different from the hand-held labeling machine and the manual labeling machine. The hand-held labeling machine is a simple labeling equipment, usually a few hundred dollars, and the price tag labeling of small supermarkets can also be regarded as a way. In many cases, it is necessary to hold the machine and move it to realize the labeling action. Automatic labeling machine can be divided into semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic labeling machine in two forms. Does the work of the automatic labeling machine require personnel to participate? Let's briefly introduce two different automatic labeling machines. The semi-automatic labeling machine requires manual cooperation. This kind of equipment manually places the product on the equipment. The labeling process is completed by the machine, and the label is taken down manually after the label is applied. Its labeling speed depends on the product size, label size and manual operation speed, generally speaking, it can reach about 10-40 per minute. It is suitable for some small batch production products, such as product labeling of small e-commerce enterprises. In semi-automatic machines, flat products can be combined with jigs to work, and some special-shaped products and products with high-precision labeling requirements can use it. This type of machine can only be used for single machine and single labeling function. Fully automatic labeling machine, according to the use situation to configure the station. If it is used as a stand-alone machine, the product needs to be placed manually and the material is collected manually. But the speed is faster than semi-automatic, as far as the double side labeling machine is concerned, the speed can reach 300P/min. For faster work efficiency, the discharging and rewinding mechanism can be added with a distributing mechanism. The wiring of the fully automatic model can improve efficiency. It can be placed at the back end of the filling machine and cartoning machine, and the front equipment is automatically transported to the labeling machine after working, without manual duty. The fully-automatic model can be used as a stand-alone machine or by wiring. It can realize a variety of labeling functions in one machine, and its automation and scalability are better than semi-automatic models. In the environment of large output and production line, it is strongly recommended to purchase fully automatic models. It is a manufacturing metropolis. Food, electronics, clothing, and chemical industries use a lot of labeling machines. Local labeling machine manufacturers can provide the most advantageous products and services, so what are there? According to preliminary statistics, there are no fewer than 30 large and small manufacturers. Our Bogao logo is one of them. In addition to the Ru0026D and production of the labeling machine, the matching sleeve labeling machine is also our strength product, providing free home delivery, free installation and debugging, and 365 days of free after-sales service.
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