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What are the characteristics of the labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
For people who have worked in electronics factories, they will be familiar with the labeling machine. This is because the labeling machine is used in the production process of electronic products, which can quickly apply self-adhesive labels. , Pasted on the product packaging. The labeling machine manufacturer will take you to understand the characteristics of the labeling machine, let's take a look!     1. Good labeling quality. Some electronics factories are relatively small in scale and the product sales are not large, so they do not purchase some production and processing equipment, and will use manual sticking of electronic product labels. This will not only cost a lot of manpower, but also the labeling quality will not make people satisfied. . This is not the case with a labeling machine, which has excellent labeling quality, flatness and no wrinkles.    2, flexible application. The labeling machine manufacturer explained that the equipment has the advantage of flexible application. For example, companies that produce beverages can use this equipment to label beverage bottles. The equipment has an automatic bottle separation function, which not only saves labor costs, but also It can speed up the production speed of the product. The equipment can be produced by a stand-alone machine or can be connected to an assembly line for automatic production.    3, high stability. According to the labeling machine manufacturer, the equipment also has the advantages of high stability and intelligent control. For many factories, they start production around the clock. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-stability equipment. This type of equipment can be fully equipped. Working continuously every day, the labeling machine also has the function of automatic detection and correction, which can avoid the waste of labeling.    The labeling machine manufacturer introduced that the labeling machine also has the advantages of sturdiness and durability, simple adjustment, etc. Customers can adjust the equipment parameters and speed according to the actual production situation.
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