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What are the characteristics of the environmental label labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-01
Today, when diversified teaching design labeling is advocated, labeling of packaging products with labeling machines reflects China's high-tech information technology and provides a good social function. At the same time, we should also reflect the times, innovation, environmental protection, integration, etc. With multiple characteristics, only through this can we resist and eliminate the potential threats of packaging; can we integrate many problems in design labeling management concepts and design techniques to form a new type of design thinking concept; only in this way can people be reflected. The dual requirements of material and spirit bear the task of continuation of human ecological civilization. Key points of carton packaging label labeling machine 1. The form needs to be combined with function and material. The packaging label labeling machine's various shapes and external performance should be based on packaging materials, and label packaging according to the protective and practical performance of the product packaging label. The packaging labeling effect should not be blindly shaped. 2. Convey product information. Packaging label labeling machine needs to reflect the functions and the characteristics of the products used are clear, so that people can know the product category at a glance, and also advertise their products. 3. The different levels of consumer groups determine the difference in product packaging labels. It is necessary to conform to the living and learning habits and eating habits of the Chinese consumer groups, consumption habits and ideological education concepts, and design a product packaging label that conforms to the consumption concepts of the consumer groups. Label labeling machine manufacturers have timeliness.. That is, in different times and different seasons of the year, people’s aesthetic and consumer concepts are different.. In product packaging labeling, according to social trends and specific time. It cannot be formalized, and product labels must be designed that meet the style of the times and actual consumer needs.
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