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What are the benefits of non-standard custom labeling machines? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-06
People who have bought labeling machines normally know that when customizing equipment, if their products are special, the manufacturer will ask whether to make non-standard equipment, so what is the difference between non-standard custom labeling machines and ordinary ones? Next, Bogao logo technicians will answer this question carefully for you. Non-standard custom labeling machine: refers to the equipment that is customized according to the special requirements of users. For example, if the customer’s label is relatively wide, we will make a labeling machine that meets their requirements according to the customer’s requirements. If the customer wants volume For smaller labeling machines, we will also make corresponding changes according to this requirement. Non-standard features are convenient, flexible, and non-uniform in operation, and its functions can be increased according to user requirements, and there is a large room for change. The accuracy and speed of the ordinary labeling machine are basically preset at the time of manufacture, so it is more difficult to change it, but the non-standard custom labeling machine is different. It can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. Various data of the labeling machine are adjusted. For example, some customers are interested in a labeling machine. The speed of this labeling machine meets their production requirements, but the accuracy is not so high. So in order to reduce the cost of this labeling machine, we will follow It is required to make a non-standard equipment with lower accuracy to the customer. All in all, the non-standard labeling machine is an automated equipment that can be customized according to all the requirements of the customer. The ordinary labeling machine is fixed when the manufacturer produces, whether it is a model or an occupied area or other purposes, it is mainly used for mass production , Non-standard equipment is to make changes in order to meet the requirements of some customers.
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