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What are the advantages of an expensive round bottle labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-13
The so-called round bottle labeling machine is definitely more expensive, but many people who don’t understand don’t know where it’s expensive. Today, the technicians from Bogao logo will tell everyone. Where is the price of the round bottle labeling machine? 1. PLC is like the brain of a round bottle labeling machine, so if you want to make the round bottle labeling machine easy to use, you need to prepare a good PLC, but a good PLC is usually not cheap and not cheap. More than ten thousand yuan. 2. The motor has a great impact on the performance of the round bottle labeling machine. Generally speaking, the servo is more expensive than the stepper motor. This is because the servo is far stronger in speed and accuracy. Stepping, as long as the stepping motor is replaced with a servo motor with the other configuration unchanged, the speed of this round bottle labeling machine can be increased by at least one third. 3. There is also the problem of some accessories and materials. If you want to make the service life of the round bottle labeling machine longer, the quality of some accessories must be good, or it will be broken soon. 4. Excellent after-sales service is also the reason for the high price. For example, one bought round bottle labeling machine has after-sales service but the other does not have after-sales service or the time is very short. Then once the equipment fails, there will be no after-sales service or after-sales expired. People must spend several times more than those with after-sales service. In general, a good round bottle labeling machine is expensive in the performance of the PLC, the quality of the servo motor, the accessories, and the after-sales service.
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